10 Online Shopping Fiascos That Could Make Anyone Cry, “I Want My Money Back!”

Ordering stuff online is a tricky business. Everything should run smoothly…if you’re lucky. You can get your order exactly as you wanted it and will remain blissfully unaware of the problems other not-so-lucky customers have to deal with. They might get their item in the wrong size or even receive something completely different — and also weird!

Bright Side has found some ridiculous online shopping fails. And although it’s quite disappointing not to get what you expected, you can still laugh about it!

1. Online shopping in a nutshell:

2. “Ordered a Rick Sanchez doll online for a friend…”

3. Poor Deadpool…

4. “Note to self…check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon…”

5. “Extremely chunky knitted blanket…not!”

6. “Always check the dimensions when ordering online.”

7. Still kinda cute though!

8. When you haven’t thought it through:

9. This is how minions are stealthily taking over the world:

10. Any perfectionist’s nightmare:


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